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Study of Islam website has been started in December 2008.

Main goal of this website is to provide a venue for scholars of Islamic Studies to share their ideas and experiences. Please send your syllabi and other teaching material that you wish to share. You can also send related news, grants, and job openings.

This is the initial version of the site to gather some feedback. Our goal is to have a dynamic website where people (members) would be able to add content to some areas (i.e. news, events, jobs, grants, links).

For suggestions please email us at studyofislam@gmail.com




Bruce Lawrence, The Qur'an: Books That changed the World, Grove Press, 2008.
Omid Safi, The Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam: Negotiating Ideology and Religious Inquiry, Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2006.
Ebrahim Moosa, Ghazali and Poetics of Imagination, Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2005.


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For suggestions please email us at StudyofIslam@gmail.com
updated on January 8, 2009